Closing a chapter soon

Well. I’m moving forward in making a lot of changes to my online presence. Soon much of the legacy of my tv work will be archived and a new emphasis of my media work will be highlighted. Back to voice and writing! If you’re interested the new site is up and running as a beta. It’s quite similar to this site but there will be dome new features as well. Check it out at: xRds.TV

Flying above it all

Gotta love the past. Some accomplishments fade, some stay with you forever. When I was 16 I was awarded a flying scholarship. Since then I’ve flown. On a few occasions I drifted away from it. That’s just happened to me over the past few years. But now…

I’m back in the air! Oh and how I’ve missed it. It’s a positive part of my life and it’s always inspired me to be my best, and to trust my skills and decisions. Planning and making it happen. Life is an open flight plan!

Moving Forward

Well the websites are being streamlined and in the next few weeks there will be many changes. We are upgrading to SSL so the sites will be secure for our e-commerce systems.

The content will be the same, however there will be new features and products available.

We will devolve our domain “” to forward to xRds.TV as well. The domain will continue to be available however it will forward to xRds.TV. This will hopefully reduce the confusion with other broadcasters in North America using the same name. This site first started in Europe and there was no conflict or confusion.

So there you have it. Change is what it is!


Dreams and Reality

I woke up this morning after a rather profound dream. I was being insulted by someone at the table I was sitting at because I took a moment to check my phone when a message arrived. I responded with, “I’m sorry but with my current personal and financial situation I must check my messages often. If I do not, I may miss an opportunity to earn the income I need to survive.”, I continued, “If it is so bothersome, I can stop to appease you. However, in doing so, I will be one step closer to living in a cardboard box.”

Dreams are interesting aren’t they? I really dislike phones in social situations and this made me think about some situations…