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My bio on ShawTV
My bio on ShawTV

I once did a TV show in Istanbul with a small salary and a zero-production budget. Now, I have a TV show and although ShawTV is co-producing it with me, as you can see, I’m a volunteer/access producer. Which means, I now have no financial gain from doing this. I hope to find sponsors, that may or may not happen. So, it is always nice to know that you support and my hope is that in sharing the people that have a story to tell will make a difference.

With this said, I hope that you can consider making a small donation to the show. I hope that someday soon I can move the show, or create another one with a commercial broadcaster. I have a lot of stories to share and I hope that I can keep doing this. If you cannot help out financially, then all I need is for you to share and comment on the posts I make on my website.


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