Return of the Ghost Not Chosen for Grant

I have just received the news that I was not awarded an important grant to produce my documentary. In learning this, I have decided to no longer continue working in video production. For me, the decision was a make or break crossroads.

I will continue to write and provide voice overs however, effective immediately, TV and film production will cease to be a service that I will offer or pursue. I personally have invested over a decade of my life and tens of thousands of dollars to share stories to make the world a better place. I have been beaten, insulted, cheated, threatened, and banned, in my attempts to share the good in people that are left in this world. It has been hard and uphill all the way.

Thus, as of today, I can no longer afford to invest my time and money in this line of work that has been my life for so many years.

Take care…


Episode 10 – Film and Soul

Episode 10 is where film and soul meet.

The first part of the show is about the Campbell River film industry and how the North Island College program is preparing the region. The second part of the episode is an interview with singer Dawn Pemberton.

Statistics Look Promising

Well it seems that since the show started, I have a lot of positive feedback in the sense of online visits to my site. A new design and of course, a new show give me all the promise of an even better 2018 for my program and the creative content I produce for many companies and projects around the world.

Here is a sneak peek at the stats since the show went on air. Given a zero advertising budget and just some simple web SEO have brought around 200 daily visitors to the site and around 400 page visits per day. You can see when the program went “live” and the views increased dramatically. Although my focus is on paying clients for my web design, for my own projects, it’s nice to see some activity here.

Thanks for “clicking”! – Martin @ the Crossroads