Time Well Spent

So, you want to work in the entertainment industry. Want to be an actor. Here is a brilliant one man show. The topic, the one man’s life story… This is by far one of the most brilliant productions of our time. The man is known for his goofy wit and appearances in TV and film. But this performance is a surprise of the depth of his acting ability. Enjoy!

Life of Reilly

Episode 10 – Film and Soul

Episode 10 is where film and soul meet.

The first part of the show is about the Campbell River film industry and how the North Island College program is preparing the region. The second part of the episode is an interview with singer Dawn Pemberton.

Promo Intro Me

Here I am again on ShawTV with another fun promo. These fun promos were done under the directorship of Carihi High School students… They gave me my motivation and I acted them out!