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My story, is your story…

Sultanahmet Location Shot
Martin Anthony – Istanbul Location Shot

The place I most enjoy is where I am creating. Creating creative content for television, radio, or online media. What I’m best known for is my writing and my voice. But I have a lot more to offer…

I believe in good people, and in the good of people…


I have done a lot in my lifetime and to some, they cannot believe just how much. From aviation to music, and from audio engineer to creative media professional.  To be honest I reply to those who have any doubts, “me neither”. However, I questioned the statement “You can’t do everything” by actually trying to do exactly that. So since an early age, my life has been an adventure. I wanted to experience it all.

To understand  the spirit of humanity, one must understand all aspects of life first hand. I love the spirit of invention and the will to overcome adversity.  Having done so many things in my life, I have now been able to share the stories of interesting people I’ve met along the way with countless interesting stories. Everyone has a story. It is my job to find and share them…

Martin at the Crossroads

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The Crossroads is the place where important life decisions are made. We make them every day and I have met people, on my journey, that won out over all odds. To facilitate the human spirit, I created a TV show called The Crossroads with Martin Anthony that ran weekly on an international multi-lingual news channel based in Istanbul. The show highlighted quality entertainment and interesting people for over a year and a half. In fact, I hosted over 75 guests over 66 weeks with most of the production accomplished singlehandedly! I’m now producing my second show called Martin @ the Crossroads and this new show has a slight twist to it. After so many years abroad, I now have to reacquaint myself with my own culture.  So my guests will help me along to get back to normal.

The spin-off projects from this show consist of numerous creative media projects. These projects include:

  • Martin@thecrossroads (New TV show – production commenced June 2017)
  • Just a Chair (podcast – Interviews, culture, entertainment, modernica, et al)
  • Vox Pop (interviews with a flair)
  • Aviation expert – on-air (A pilot since the age of 16 and most recently, developed aviation safety training for over a decade)
  • Documentary & news writer, presenter, and producer
  • corporate film and e-learning production
  • script editing for narration (written word is not spoken word)

Projects and Marketplace…

Over time, and besides “The Crossroads”,  I have developed and or created many other projects that are all quite diverse from each other. Here you can find all our active projects and marketplaces.

I have also worked with internet web sites since the introduction of the World Wide Web. I am fully versed in all aspects of it. From hosting and coding to  design and development, I became the “accidental web designer”. Here are some of the projects I have worked on:

Systems Solar

Systems Solar handles the services and products of my technical background and is currently my de facto business base in Canada. It now covers a broad range of services and products outside the creative media content I produce. AXL technical was my first full time consulting company that operated through out the 1990’s and into the early twenty-first century. The links below are also projects that I share a passion of original systems design and consulting.

I decided to compartmentalize my products and technical talents in such a way that if partnerships are developed in a specific sector, these divisions can be moved from my core business and then developed as separate entities.

The sectors (and their domains) are:

So there you have it, I’ve done a lot and will continue to do so. I hope that your visit here was fruitful and if you require any services that I can provide personally or from my creative team please contact  me !


Martin Anthony HUHN