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Fake, false, fabricated and inflated… news has really hit us hard as of late. But where do we go for it? You know the real stuff. I’ve told people time and time again that my days working with a news agency taught me a lot about how broadcasters work. Or should I say, present the news.

I always checked at least four sources to feel like I know around half the story. I don’t have time to check every one any deeper. Unless of course, you want to start paying me. Anyhow, cut to the chase, I found this site and wanted to share if with you. It’s connected to other groups around the world. So you may find one in your region. The site is https://fullfact.org/ out of the UK.

I already felt a sense of calm just looking at the headlines… I hope you feel the same way too.


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  1. some people don’t like them for sure … legitimate criticism or smear tactic? you decide. I hope its the latter actually, as that denotes that somebody is scared of them and their fact-checking and is trying to make them go away ..




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