On Brexit

You know, there is a lot of talk about the fact that a small portion of people voted to enact it. 

I didn’t hear anyone admit that it was their own complacency that let it happen. 

I know most countries are sliding into chaos and becoming kleptocracies. But seriously. People are more concerned about a reality TV show personality these days. 

Time to wake up? 

– Martin at the Crossroads. 

Localization and World News on the Internet

Localization and World News on the Internet. What is localization on the internet? How does it affect you? 

Find out March 22, 2017 at the VIRL Courtenay branch at 6:00pm. 

Localization is a global system that in effect, may foster censorship and propaganda. How so? Let Martin Anthony walk you through his understanding of this seemingly invisible firewall of free information. His experience with topics of the internet started, in Vancouver, prior to the dot com era. He sat on committees (Praxis and AES) that discussed copyright protection long before it was an issue. 

In later years, he became manager and Editor in Chief of the English Internet department of a privately owned Turkish news agency in Istanbul. There he worked with journalists from around the world. Martin later hosted a TV talk show in Istanbul where he interviewed scores of guests ranging from a former Whitehouse security chief, to world famous musicians. 

The Award for… Oops!¬†

The award for… Oops! 

Wow I haven’t watched the Academy Awards showfor years. But I did last night! Surprise ending. 

Last time I watched it, it was still a job for me. I was language advisor for the translation team at CNBC-E in Istanbul for the awards show. 6 or 7 translators and subtitle techs worked 12 hours nonstop overnight to get the show subtitled and on air. 

Last time I did it, we were finishing off the last tape when the show was being aired. We finished like 10 minutes before the tape being aired was going to run out. 

I would have loved, in a morbid fashion, to see the backstage reaction in the control room. Must have been just frantic. Whew, I have a few stories to tell. But those will be later. 


Quote – Reality TV

Here’s a quote of mine. I just thought this one up…

“The reality of reality TV is that the reality of the viewer is their reality of watching reality TV.” 

Springtime in Istanbul – Behind the Scenes

It was a cold day, but the sun came out. It was springtime in Istanbul. Looking back at this behind the scenes shoot. It was a hectic rush and lots of people and gear. The video was excellent, however, the audio never got to the camera. Thus an 18 hour day of filming interviews and stand-ups was lost.
Well, this experience taught me two things:
Yes, grown men cry, and two… always have your phone in your shirt pocket recording audio.