Updated: New show premiere air date

The new show will not air this week week of July 10,2017) as anticipated. The show was ready however there was no available program slot for this week. 

So, next week for sure! I’ll update you when I know… 


New show final edits 

We’re just finishing the edits off for the new tv show. It’s looking pretty good. ShawTV is taking very good care of me in Campbell River. 

I’ll know the air dates as well as the link information for the ShawTV YouTube channel. 




A sunset is the universal call to all creatures that another day has ended, and that it is time to refresh our bodies and minds. 

Of course, it signals to the nocturnal creatures to begin their job in keeping the mosquitoes and insects off our noses when we sleep. 

New TV Show

Well, what can I say? The new TV show was taped yesterday. After all the planning, and preparations, once it was all done, I went home and slept for two hours. I forgot the energy and inertia that is involved in doing these shows. Good news it went well. So well that the station not only liked the pilot, they want a weekly show starting as soon as possible. Most likely in the fall. But we have the opportunity to do a few this summer.

I will let you all know when the show will premiere on Shaw TV. The show will air sometime during the week of July 10th, 2017.  If you are not a Shaw Cable subscriber, the show will be available online once the show airs on the channel.

Stay close! More to follow!



The New Show

Well, taping of the new show is done! Today time seemed to be both fast and slow.  The part I know best is the interview. Timing is everything in an interview. It’s a surreal place as an interviewer as while the guest is talking, you have to formulate the next question. Since I never script an interview, it’s not as easy as it looks. 

Television studio set
ShawTV studio

Good news is the show will air the week of July 10th and after that it will be available on the station’s YouTube channel. I will share it all as soon as I know the air dates.

View from the interviewer's chair in a TV studio.
View from the interviewer’s chair

New About Page

Well, given I am always working on TV, radio, and e-learning projects for people around the world, I do not always get to my own website. Well I finally got to it. Please check the site out. Many new features are coming including the podcast and the push notification feature so you can keep up to date with all our posts, podcasts and stories!


Quote of the day… I Think… 

Sometimes I think too much… Other times maybe too little… I call it overthink or underthink. 

My ‘think’ for today:

“Sometimes I feel humanity deserves its misery as when someone comes along that can solve it, the masses ridicule them into oblivion.”