Favourite Places – Vancouver – Cafe Zen

I lived near Kits Beach for many years. Kitsilano is located in Vancouver, BC, Canada. It is a lovely community that is just minutes from the big city downtown hustle and bustle.

Across the street from where I lived a few years back, was a great little restaurant called Cafe Zen. I was a regular there. So being in Vancouver and having successfully avoided the ferry breakfast, I stopped in at my old “haunt”. I was happy to see that it still exists.

It hasn’t changed a bit. The food is still incredible and wonderful. Nice to see that some places never change. It always had great service (still does) and great quality (never had a bad meal there).

I had my breakfast, sat and enjoyed my tea, and wrote this post. Relaxed and looking forward to the rest of my day…

No matter how you look at it Cafe Zen is delicious!

Return of the Ghost Not Chosen for Grant

I have just received the news that I was not awarded an important grant to produce my documentary. In learning this, I have decided to no longer continue working in video production. For me, the decision was a make or break crossroads.

I will continue to write and provide voice overs however, effective immediately, TV and film production will cease to be a service that I will offer or pursue. I personally have invested over a decade of my life and tens of thousands of dollars to share stories to make the world a better place. I have been beaten, insulted, cheated, threatened, and banned, in my attempts to share the good in people that are left in this world. It has been hard and uphill all the way.

Thus, as of today, I can no longer afford to invest my time and money in this line of work that has been my life for so many years.

Take care…


My Grandfather Rocks!

I have been working on a media transfer project the past while. I received around 80 hours of reel to reel tape. The tapes were my late grandfather’s. (It should be mentioned that his reel to reel inspired me to become an audio engineer.) I’m transferring all the tapes to digital. It’s a slow process but it’s a labour of love.

My grandfather was an accordionist. Well known too! He had a live radio show on CKCK in Regina long long ago. So going though the tapes I found one that has some interesting history to it. It starts with him introducing a Mr. Marconi. The first bit of the tape is missing but he mentions that Marconi is not the one who invented the radio, but his second cousin! Yes! My grandfather has him say something in Italian and then the two jam with Marconi on trumpet!

Can’t wait to share these recordings!