My morning thought

I seriously am starting to believe that Facebook is creating spelling mistakes to mak us look stupid. I write, I check, and I send only to see some word misspelled. Even if I tap the word in the predictive suggestions, it won’t complete the word. 

Food for thought. 

Quote of the day… I Think… 

Sometimes I think too much… Other times maybe too little… I call it overthink or underthink. 

My ‘think’ for today:

“Sometimes I feel humanity deserves its misery as when someone comes along that can solve it, the masses ridicule them into oblivion.”

Working with words

I work with words. Some people don’t. Sometimes I have to laugh at the blind faith management have with their marketing people. Here’s an example: 

Definition of boff: often vulgar, transitive verb

: to have sexual intercourse with


On Brexit

You know, there is a lot of talk about the fact that a small portion of people voted to enact it. 

I didn’t hear anyone admit that it was their own complacency that let it happen. 

I know most countries are sliding into chaos and becoming kleptocracies. But seriously. People are more concerned about a reality TV show personality these days. 

Time to wake up? 

– Martin at the Crossroads.