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My story, is your story…

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The best place I know is when I am creating documentaries, television, radio, or creative media content. what I’m best known for is my writing and my voice. But I have a lot more to offer…

I believe in good people, and in the good of people…


I have done a lot in my lifetime and to some, they cannot believe just how much. From aviation to music, and from audio engineering to creative media professional.  To be honest I reply to them, “me neither”. However, I questioned the statement “You can’t do everything” by actually trying to do exactly that. So since an early age, my life has been an adventure. I wanted to experience it all.

To understand  the spirit of humanity, one must understand all aspects of life firsthand. I love the spirit of invention and the will to overcome adversity and having done so many things in my life, I have now been able to share the stories of interesting people I’ve met along the way with interesting stories. Everyone has a story. It is my job to find and share them…

Martin at the Crossroads

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The Crossroads is the place where important life decisions are made. We make them every day and I have met people, on my journey, that won out over all odds. To facilitate the human spirit, I created a TV show called The Crossroads with Martin Anthony that ran weekly on an international multi-lingual news channel based in Istanbul. The show highlighted quality entertainment and interesting people for over a year and a half. In fact, I hosted over 75 guests over 66 weeks with most of the production accomplished singlehandedly! Now a new show has been approved and we are now producing the pilot.

The spin-off projects from this show consist of numerous creative media projects. These projects include:

  • Martin@thecrossroads (New TV show – production commenced June 2017)
  • Just a Chair (podcast – Interviews, culture, entertainment, modernica, et al)
  • Vox Pop (interviews with a flair)
  • Aviation expert – on-air (A pilot since the age of 16 and most recently, developed aviation safety training for over a decade)
  • Documentary & news writer, presenter, and producer
  • corporate film and e-learning production
  • script editing for narration (written word is not spoken word)

Projects and Marketplace…

Over time, and besides “The Crossroads”,  I have developed and or created many other projects that are all quite diverse from each other. Here you can find all our active projects and marketplaces.

Systems Solar

Systems Solar handles the services and products of my technical backgrounded is currently my de facto business base in Canada. It now covers a broad range of services and products besides any creative content I produce. AXL technical was my first full time consulting company that operated full-time through out the 1990’s and into the early twenty-first century. The links below are also projects that I share a passion of original design and consulting.

I decided to compartmentalize my products and technical talents in such a way that if partnerships are developed in a specific sector, these divisions can be moved from my core business and then they can developed as separate entities.

The sectors (and their domains) are:

KS Medya

I opened KS Medya in 2011 as a TV & film production company based in Istanbul, Turkey.

This limited company venture is to promote my brand of creative media in an official way to meet the finance criterion of the country. The main work supplied to the Turkish market is English language voice overs and scripts. Besides creative content solutions, I host host, manage, and create websites utilizing a Linux server based in North America via KSM for the eastern hemisphere and sell these services via Systems Solar in the western hemisphere.

Projects and sites include:

So there you have it, I’ve done a lot and will continue to do so. I hope that your visit here was fruitful and if you require any services that I can provide personally or from my creative team please contact  me !


Martin Anthony HUHN